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ebusiness as easier business

The ebusiness brands exists as a publisher and holding company supporting owners of independent product companies and their teams.

We create resources to make their work easier. We develop the ebusiness family of websites. These include consulting services, coaching for business owners, WordPress website support, training programs, and community.

We design each of our offerings to lift up independent, owner-operated businesses as they make the transition to digital, especially ecommerce. As the reach of AI and Internet technologies accelerate, so also does the potential contribution of each person. A smaller company can move mountains, even as monopolies proliferate like a cancer.

Every person on your small team is of greater consequence now than ever before. We see the oversized impact that small teams in nimble companies can make.

We also see the potential to reshape and enliven work and our experience of it in a human first, digital second context. Your progress will be easier for our programs and support.

our history

When you’ve seen as much as we have, the noise gets filtered out and the signal comes through stronger. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Check out our long history here.


We’re in business to lift up your independent business. We support your digital transformation while promoting systems and ways of relating that feel good to employees, owners, and customers.


To encourage an independent business landscape that is responsive, innovative, and mindful of its impact. In a world that seems to favor monopolies, we’d rather grow a diverse ecosystem of commerce on-line and off-line. We’d rather live in a place with 10 companies of 100 employees than 1 company town of 1000. Or maybe 100 companies of 10 employees. Wouldn’t you?

Attuned Marketer & CX

A foundational principle that organizes our programs, our work with clients and our training of their teams is how and why to be attuned. This method infuses our approach to business.


A concept, a principle, that informs our interactions with prospects and customers. It means we aim to be in harmony in a responsive, two-way relationship.

'ATT' for attention

Let’s attend. Let’s bring our presence and focus to this specific situation, this relationship here.

'U' for understanding

Let’s be curious and aim to understand the other and what they’re needing? How did we get to this point now?

'N' for now

Let’s not get ahead of this moment, not rely on a script or formula, nor imagine what might go right or wrong. Let’s stay here and notice.

'E' for empathy

Let’s connect in a felt, energetic way, something more than a thought in our heads, more than the written word.

'D' for dignity

Let’s acknowledge the other’s personhood, respecting both their sovereignty and our larger connection as fellow humans.

Two forthcoming certifications help marketers and customer service professionals level up. 

our team

ready to help yours

patrick pitman

patrick pitman

president & founder

In 2000, Patrick created ebusiness coach. That’s the forerunner of ebusiness brands which became our new parent company name in 2021.  See more about our rich history here.

Patrick runs our office in Austin, Texas since 2011.  He’s especially interested in how teams collaborate, especially in how they sell to and serve customers online. Why will others join our efforts and stick around in today’s economy? How do we cultivate loyalty in people, among both employees and customers? 

Our team in Austin is supported trusted colleagues in Europe and the Phillipines. We’re excited to bring our experience to your solvable problems. Let’s begin!