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There’s never been more opportunity and resources for the up and coming independent product company to grow online. Since 2000 we’ve helped entrepreneurs build their front-office teams, mailing lists, and ecommerce stores to do just that. Welcome!

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what's with the 'e'

The ‘e’ in ebusiness started out as a symbol of electronic, approximating what is now ‘digital’ or ‘online’. But today for us ‘e’ stands for an easier way of doing business for this unfolding world and the entrepreneurs who are building it…

'e' is for empathy

When we do make direct human to human connections, they are more important than ever. Let’s connect with the heart and mind. Let’s be in relationship, be more than a transaction. Empathy balances efficiency.

'e' is for efficient

When customers choose to order directly from you in a digital interface, that’s efficient. Similarly when they can answer their own questions, that’s efficient self-service. Done well, it scales. But its insufficient…

'e' is for excellence

When there’s a global market for products and labor, and competitors everywhere, the experience of your company needs to feel exceptional. So let’s aim for excellence. As the underdog, let’s do so in the classical Greek sense of mêtis. This means practical, crafty wisdom and a deft touch as compared to brute strength.